how do you approach wedding photography?

My approach to photographing weddings is a blend of thoughtful photojournalism paired with an uncomplicated editorial touch. I'm a firm believer that weddings should not be photo shoots! For this reason, I appreciate photojournalism and capturing a wedding as it unfolds, in an unobtrusive way. However, I've found that most people aren't models and appreicate a little guidance while being photographed. My at-ease approach with subtle direction creates natural interaction with lots of laughter and honest expressions of love. I love to make people feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera.

My editorial side is inspired by my love of nuanced style and design. I believe each photograph you receive should not only be frame-worthy, but magazine-worthy as well. Thoughtful composition with attention to detail and lighting help to achieve this look.


how would you describe your photography style?

My photographic style can best be described as timeless, honest and thoughtfully narrative, producing photographs that will stand the test of time. I've always admired refined, understated elegance and feel that my photography reflects this. Minimal post processing, true to life color with an abundance of joy, laughter and an emphasis on honest emotion.


how long have you been photographing weddings?

2018 will be my 12th year photographing weddings. 


where are you based and do you travel for weddings?

I reside in beautiful Vail, Colorado and love to work in the Colorado mountains. I've photographed weddings all across the US and occasionally accept international work.



who is your ideal bride?

I adore working with brides who are madly in love and excited to create an intimate and heartfelt celebration with the most cherished people in their lives. Her style is enduring; never falling for the trend of the moment. She appreciates quality over quantity, and values the investment of creating timeless heirlooms through quality photography. 


film or digital?

I work with a mixture of medium format film, 35mm film and digtial - each holding a special place in my workflow. 


why do you choose to work with film?

After spending countless hours in the darkroom pushing and perfecting, it was settled; I was head over heels in love with film photography. More than a decade later, I'm still falling more and more for this ever challenging, always inspiring medium. I truly believe working with film has made me a better artist. More intentional. More purposeful. More passionate about my craft.

Although it's a costly decision to work with film over digital, I choose to invest in this medium for my personal work and for my clients for a multitude of reasons.

Film has an unparalled way of capturing light. I love the beautiful, luminous tones that it creates; the gentle grain. Film offers amazing detail and range in shadows and highlights, which creates incredible dimension and depth. Skin tones are luminous and soft, adding to the captivating romance of film.


what price does your photography investment begin?

Pricing begins at $6000 with average client investment between $8,000 and $10,000 for full day wedding coverage. I'd love to learn more about you and your wedding plans, and share more information about my services and investment guide. 

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